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Empowered Aboriginal Flag Womens Short Sleeve

Empowered Aboriginal Flag Womens Short Sleeve

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The Empowered Aboriginal Flag shirt is your new go to tee to wear your values and rep the worlds oldest continuing culture.

Designed to be worn by ALL Australians, this product is Ally Friendly.


The Empowered Aboriginal Flag builds on the Aboriginal flag designed by Luritja man Harold Thomas.

The black symbolises the people, who can also be seen at meeting places in the sky resembling stars.

The red represents the earth, this landscape pattern has been in the Budawang family for generations and shows Balgan (also known as Pigeon House Mountain).

The circle of yellow represents the giver of energy, Grandfather Sun (Bungalin in our Dhurga language and the namesake of our organisation).


Model is 163cm wearing a size M.

This product is Ally Friendly.

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